Beep Beep Tour Challenges


The Vehicle

The very first challenge is to buy the cheapest vehicle possible, the team who has bought their vehicle for the least amount of money will win the points. 


Aylesbury to Brighton Run

We know it only takes 2hrs 30mins to get to Aylesbury from Brighton but this isn’t meant to be easy! Teams will be given a set route in which they must travel, no GPS, no cheating…. Just old school maps and written directions.


Bargain Hunt - Aylesbury

Teams will be given a fixed amount of money to buy an item at Big Betty’s Boot Sale. All items      purchased will be auctioned (TBC). The winners will be the team with the biggest return on their item purchased.


Liverpool – Town Challenge 

Rally time. Against the clock, teams will travel in and around Liverpool, visiting set landmarks using a picture map and ticking them off their list.  There will be staggered starts for the teams of ten minute intervals. The winners will be the team that has completed all of the tasks and in the quickest time.


Fit as a Fiddle

How fit are you?…… British Military Fitness in Sefton Park, Liverpool. Teams will be put through their paces and scored on their efforts by the physical trainers.


Isle of Man – Track Day

The Fastest Car.......

Who has the fastest car? Cars will be taken around the race track by Mark Higgins, pro-racing driver, to see which team has the fastest car.

Blindfold Challenge

One team member will be blindfolded and directed around various obstacles by the other team member. The winner will be the fastest to make it around the course.

Great Scott

Fastest vehicle to0-60mph. (we would love to think these old bangers would make it to 88mph!)

Tyre Change

How quick can you get your wheel off and back on again. All teams lined up and competing against each other for the quickest change. 


Once the challenges are finished, points will be totalled up, the overall losing team will carry out a forfeit. Forfeit, coming soon……


The winning team will be treated to laps around the track with Mark Higgins.


Awards Ceremony

At the close of the day, winners will be announced along with presentations of other silly awards. Best looking vehicle, best team name, worst team, worse driver etc.